Three won’t give automatic compensation for outage – but you can claim

‘I got £10 credit after haggling’
Technically, if you were affected by the outage you could try using your consumer rights to claim for a service not provided, though this remedy would likely be a proportion of your monthly charge and so you’d get pennies in return. Instead it may be better to ask Three for compensation, if you feel you’re owed more for any inconvenience you faced.
Three has told customers to contact it on the phone to ask for compensation but one of our staff members, MSE Sarah, was able to get £10 off her next bill after complaining to the network on live chat. She was initially offered £5, but after pushing back, this was increased to £10.
She said: “I was on my way to Thorpe Park when my phone’s data and signal stopped working, which meant I couldn’t access train times or maps for my journey. I contacted Three via live chat today and explained the inconvenience – it offered £5 off my next bill. I asked for £10 and it said yes.”

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