Thomas Cook customers start to get bank refunds

If you’re a Thomas Cook customer with a future booking, it’s important to first check if you’re ATOL-protected. See full info in our Thomas Cook help guide.
Many flight-only bookings, including those made directly with Thomas Cook Airlines, aren’t ATOL-protected. But it depends exactly how you booked, so if in doubt, check. If your flight was ATOL-protected you should have received an ATOL certificate at the time of booking. (See the CAA’s example of ATOL certificates if you’re unsure.)
If your Thomas Cook booking wasn’t ATOL-protected flight, you can try and reclaim your cash via your card provider instead (though if you are ATOL-protected, you’ll need to claim that way instead): 
If you paid by credit card for a booking costing £100+, you should have Section 75 protection if you paid Thomas Cook directly. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act means if you pay for something costing £100-£30,000 on a credit card, the card company’s equally liable if something goes wrong – so you may be able to claim your money back from it. For more info on how this works, see our Section 75 guide.Technically for Section 75 to work, there must be a direct link between the debtor (that’s you, the customer), the creditor (the credit card company) and the supplier (in this case, Thomas Cook) – though this isn’t always clear-cut. You can use Section 75 to reclaim the entire cost of your purchase even if you only paid for part of it on your credit card. 
For a booking costing less than £100, or if you paid by debit card, you may be able to claim money back from your card provider through the chargeback scheme instead.Unlike Section 75, the chargeback scheme isn’t a legal requirement, it’s just a customer service promise. But we’ve seen successful claims from people using it when firms have collapsed in the past, and crucially there doesn’t need to be the direct link between the product paid for and the debt as with Section 75. See our Chargeback guide for full details.
To make a Section 75 or chargeback claim, contact your bank or card provider. Some have specific dispute numbers you can call, but if in doubt, just ring its customer services team and ask. 
You could also try and claim via your travel insurance, though it is only likely to cover you if it includes specific failure cover. See more info in our Thomas Cook help guide. 

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