The trick to making better goals and achieving them (free printable)

I’m pretty honest about how disorganized I am. That’s why I have to be really intentional with my goals. Years ago my mentor told me about the goal pyramid and I was HOOKED. This is such a simple way to stay on top of your goals and stay connected with what matters. So what is the goal pyramid? It’s a way to funnel tasks to help you achieve your big long-term goals.

Get this goal pyramid planner sheet free! Click here.Here is how to build a goal pyramid.Start at the top. Yes, a real pyramid would be built form the bottom up, but with goals we start at the top. The top point of your pyramid is your long-term goal. The BIG thing you want to accomplish. So for example when I wanted to start my podcast that was my goal “launch podcast.” And I dated it. I wanted it out by the spring of 2019. It launched in May. You’re beginning with the end in mind. Move to supporting goals. What big tasks need to be accomplished to support your main goal? These are called intermediate goals. Remember, the work you do in the middle matters. It’s the middle portion of whatever it is you’re working toward that has a HUGE impact. The middle work never feels glamorous, we want to skip ahead to the big stuff. But that’s now how success works. If you want to achieve your goal you must focus on the middle work with intention. So write down the important tasks you need to do to achieve that middle stuff. These are your technical components of your goal. This may be researching things you need to complete your goal, making purchases, scheduling appointments. Basically you need to make a list of everything you need to do to achieve this goal and list it in your intermediate tasks. Each week/month/day you choose an activity off that list and work on it. Short-range goalsA short-range goal is something you can accomplish rather quickly. Maybe it’s taking a course to learn a new skill that will ultimately support the life you want. Maybe it’s creating a dedicated work space, or honing a new routine. Whatever it is, it will have a positive impact on your long-range ultimate goal. Remember a short-range goals is something that can be completed rather quickly, so a year or less.

Daily tasksThe mundane daily things we do absolutely support our big goals. Think about people who run marathons. They don’t just show up the day of the race and start running. They train daily. It’s important to exercise our goal muscles. Having a good morning routine where you start your day with a clean space might be vital for giving yourself a decluttered creative place to work. Having a meal plan means allowing yourself the mental space to make decisions that support your goal. Having good daily routines in place give you the peace to know life will run smoothly (or relatively so) while you work toward that big goal.There you have it. The goal pyramid. It’s not as fancy or complicated as it sounds. What do you do to support your goals? Leave me a comment and tell me.

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