The End of a Eventful Month

I enjoyed a “challenge” free month. While I continued to pay my regular payments on my credit card and student loan. In general, I lightened up on the financial front…just a little bit.
And I splurged a little bit…

I ate a meal out with each child this month. With so many changes coming this month, I wanted to check in and make sure everyone was doing okay. In total, I spent $85 on meals out. It was a great time and a real treat to catch up with each child individually before we started splitting up!
We ate a meal out as a family, which I must admit was quite a bit more expensive than expected. I let Sea Cadet pick the place since it was his graduation month. It cost me $100 and we all tried Czech/German food. We won’t be returning to that restaurant again as no one really enjoyed the food, and it was too expensive. But it was a great family memory.

My big splurge…old time photos for the family! This is something we used to do on a yearly basis, but it’s one of the things I let go back the wayside some years back as I began letting “extras” go. But not knowing when I will have all 4 of my kids together again, I decided it was a splurge that was worth it to me. They were $99 and each of the kids got a copy, as well as my parents and grandmother. Money well spent in my mind!

Today I return from Chicago leaving Gymnast at his dad’s. I flew up with him to meet with the high school guidance counselor where he will attend. And make sure I am clear on how it operates and the opportunities they offer. (I have been AMAZED at how different the schools in different counties operate and the different things they offer.)
And tomorrow…A NEW FINANCIAL CHALLENGE and back to the financial grind!!!
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