Podcast #4: My biggest marriage and money regret

Today I’m talking about my biggest regret when it comes to marriage and money.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband Jason and I have been married for twelve years. And we did not combine our finances for the first five years of our marriage. I think that that led to a lot of the money problems that we ended up having — because we did not have accountability.He had his checking account. I had my checking account. We thought we had a pretty good system. He would pay the mortgage out of his account and I would pay all the bills out of mine. We thought this was fine; this was just a great way to keep things afloat and to keep things going. You have your money and I have my money and we’re good.Some people can handle life that way. But we couldn’t. There was a lack of accountability. There was a lack of structure. We weren’t communicating. And, really, I feel like our marriage was missing something as a result.

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