‘I started comping on the MSE Forum… and three months later won a trip to Everest’

James Robb spotted the prize, which is for two people and includes trekking equipment such as boots, outfits and a tent, up for grabs on the MSE Forum’s hugely-popular Competitions Time board.
He began comping back in February after watching Martin’s TV show, which featured a comper who came to his roadshow to thank him for the £75,000-worth of prizes she’d won over the years. 
James, who’s retired and lives in Dunfermline, Scotland, began entering a huge number of competitions, and initially didn’t have much success, with a £25 prize his only win.
But then he spotted a competition from guide book firm Cicerone Press in the MSE Forum. All he had to do was say which year Cicerone Press was founded – but you’ve got to be in it to win it, and he was delighted to scoop the Everest trip as top prize.
Success is never guaranteed with comping, so treat it as a potentially profitable hobby rather than a dead-cert money-spinner. But in the past we’ve seen MoneySavers win everything from luxury weddings to over £20,000 in cash. See more success stories, plus help on how to max your chances, in our 40+ Comping Tips.

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