How to make your own Agua Fresca AKA Watermelon Juice

The fourth of July is just a few days away and if you’re like me you always have leftover watermelon. Don’t waste it! Turn it into Agua Fresca! Here is a refreshing drink the entire family can enjoy! Watermelon limeade or Lime Agua Fresca. This is a refreshing, and delicious beverage that your ENTIRE family can enjoy and it’s super easy to make.

16 cups watermelon chunks1/2 cup lime juice 1/4 cup steviaPut watermelon in blender or food processor until liquid. Strain through fine mesh strainer. Should yield 2 quarts juiceIn a pitcher combine stevia and lime juice. (You might not actually need the stevia depending on the sweetness of the melon.) Add in watermelon juice and stir. How to pick the perfect watermelon

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