7 MORE thrift store or yard sale finds you can flip for a profit

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash flipping yard sale of thrift store finds might be a great option. (Or a total risk if you don’t do it correctly.) Today I wanted to share a few MORE thrift store or yard sale finds that can turn a profit when flipped. You can read my first list: 7 Thrift Store Items you can FLIP for a Profit Note: I don’t want to advocate going into any thrift store and clearing the shelves of all the good stuff in the store. Please be considerate of other shoppers. Personally, I only buy things my family will use and enjoy and when we are done using them then I consider selling those items.

Video gamesVideo games, particularly vintage video games (pre-2000) are a hot ticket item on auction sites like eBay. The same goes for vintage gaming consoles. The caveat is getting a good price on these items. My best advice is to look for video games at yard sales and not the thrift store.

Vintage board gamesWho knew vintage board games had such a big following? Look for good condition early editions of Monopoly, Dark Tower and special editions of Chutes and Ladders. Make sure there are no (or very few) missing pieces and that the box is still in fairly good condition. LegoThe resale value of Lego is so high it’s almost laughable. Forget gold bars, put all your money in Lego. (I’m joking on both counts!). But Lego does maintain their value and resell quite well. Even if you don’t have a full set you can sell them in lots of 100 or buy the pound. Trading cards Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards. Look for cards that have a foiled front. These are the ones people are most looking for on auction sites. But if a card is torn, folded or shows signs of wear, save your money. 

FurnitureFurniture at the thrift store can be hit or miss. But if you have a good eye and you’re willing to clean up a piece and give it a little care you can flip it for a nice profit. You can sell pieces through Facebook marketplace or set up a Facebook business page and establish yourself that way. Sports jerseys Hockey, football, basketball, soccer- it doesn’t really matter the sport; if there is a jersey, there is a fan. If it is vintage or if it is new there is a market for it. Even if it’s stained a good wash covers a multitude of grossness. OverallsI cannot believe overalls have made a comeback… again. I should have saved my Gap overalls from 1998! Long or short people on the hunt for a good pair don’t mind.

Where to sell? PoshmarkThis is a fashionista favorite. You can sell women’s and children’s clothing, bags and accessories. The app is super easy to use, just snap a photo, write a description and you’re good to go. Easy to use, I actually sold a pair of leggings within 10 minutes of uploading. Other users can share your listings on Twitter and gain you more traffic to your listings.  Not everything is going to sell. But I don’t know of any app where selling is an actual guarantee. If you sign up for Poshmark and mention @lydiadebtfree (that’s me) I will get a small referral bonus. MercariMercari is for the deal seeker. So be prepared to price your items to sell. But they will sell. I actually was about to get in my car to put my sold items in the FedEx drop box when I got a notification that two more of my items had sold.  I’ve sold clothing, skincare and books on Mercari. eBayEveryone knows eBay. It’s the grandfather of selling things online and items range from the ordinary to the obscure.  Everything from clothes to collectibles, everyone knows eBay and goes to them for those hard to find items. But there is lots of competition, eBay does not provide shipping discounts and you just have to guess what it’s going to cost you. The app is CLUNKY. It hasn’t really kept up with the times and isn’t as sleek and easy to use as newer selling outlets. InstagramYes, you can sell stuff on Instagram. Just snap photos of your items and the price. Tell people to DM you if interested and provide them with your Venmo. Use hashtags like #shopmycloset, #instacloset, #instasale and #clothesforsale to get noticed. What about you? Have you sold anything you flipped? Leave me a comment and tell me!

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