Financial Management

Are CPAs a Looming Threat?

Lately more articles and videos—in publications like the CPA Journal and the Journal of Accountancy—are popping up encouraging CPAs […]

Debt Management

Small Business Saturday

Do you participate in Black Friday shopping, Cyber Monday or even Small Business Saturday? Traditionally, I have not paid […]

Credit solution in 37 days

How to Save Money

Should a retiree borrow to pay rental property expenses?

Q. I have an investment property that I rent out. Now that I’m retired, I would like to use the income to supplement my retirement income. That would leave me with no money to pay the expenses on the property (mortgage payment, maintenance, utilities, etc.). I’m wondering two things: One, can I borrow all my expenses from my personal home equity line of credit (HELOC), thereby making all of the expenses and interest tax deductible? And, two, […]

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National insurance number delays hit 16-year-olds trying to beat Help to Buy ISA deadline

HMRC, which estimates that it issues up to 60,000 juvenile NI numbers each month, told us that delays to automated letters started in May as a result of a change to its processes. It says that since 5 September “the problem has been fixed”, though it wasn’t able to tell us how many NI numbers were delayed in total or how many recent complaints it’s had about the issue. An HMRC spokesperson said: “Following a change in […]

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How to prepare for a lost wallet: a step-by-step guide

Although she’d always been very careful about documents such has her birth certificate, social insurance number card and passport, on the day of the move she put all three in her wallet. “I thought they would be safer with me than in a box with the moving company,” Kesteloot recalls. “Never in a million years did I think that in two seconds of turning my back to pick something up off a shelf that somebody would reach […]

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Credit solution in 37 days

How to Invest Money

What Effect Does the 2019 Interest Rate Cut Have on Your Money?

By: Kara Perez Updated: September 11, 2019 On July 31, 2019, the Federal Reserve cut rates for the first time in 11 years. So now what? What does this mean for you and your money? A rate cut means that several major types of interest rates will go down. The hope is that the decrease in interest payments means more money for Americans to save and spend. Will this affect the way you save and invest? There’s […]

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A financial life: Jack and Diane struggle with spending in retirement

In my previous post, I asked if Diane should officially retire early. (If this is your first introduction to our series, start reading here.) Here’s how you voted in the poll, as of November 14, 2019: 65.3%: Stay at her job. She’s in good health and can keep working. Might as well keep earning a paycheck. 24.4%: “Test the waters.” Diane could take a break from her job and see if retirement suits her. 6.3%: Retire. She’s […]

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Liquidity trumps uncertainty | BlackRock Blog

Russ explains why monetary easing matters more than geopolitical risks for the markets right now. Absent a year-end meltdown, stocks will have enjoyed a stellar year. That stocks would post +20% gains was not obvious back in January, when investors were preparing for some combination of a recession and trade war. What saved stocks? It has not been stellar economic growth or a surge in corporate earnings. While the recent easing in trade tensions has helped, what […]

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